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Managing a social media presence requires a clear content strategy, buckets of creativity and expertise to blow up in the social world. The times we live in mean a meaningful presence on social media is a must for businesses that want to stay relevant and connected to their customers.

Our social media management packages will help your business reach a larger pool of potential customers. We utilise all relevant social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. With a tailored strategy for your brand, and your audience, we will maximise your social media presence for optimum results.

The knowledge Rococo Digital brought to the table was second to none. We felt their passion and enthusiasm come across and generated a high conversion rate for our e-commerce store.

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Our social media managers will produce captivating multi-platform content, ensuring each post is eye-catching and engages your target audience.


With thorough industry research and expert software, we plan your social media calendar with the schedule of your ideal audience in mind.


Our experts precisely measure the effectiveness of your campaigns using in-depth analytic tools and monthly reports.

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What can social advertising help you achieve?

Social media advertising plays an important part of any brand awareness strategy, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to business owners. A staggering 80% of internet users now have a Facebook account, with other platforms also growing significantly, it means having social media profiles is now a must.

social media advertising should also be addressed in every marketing strategy. Which social platforms could work for you? Is your content being seen by the right audience? Are your social channels branded consistently?

Social advertising allows you to get your brand out there to the right people while being cost effective solution. It's a no brainer.

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Advertising that generates results

Social media advertisement is an essential element in building your brand. If you are looking to drive sales, build brand awareness or showcase an offer, our in-house team will set up and run a social media ad campaign which outperforms your competition, and ultimately, delivers results.

Combining creative ideas with engaging copy and unique designs, we deliver adverts that generate a buzz and maximise your ROI. The team here at Rococo Digital have over 10 years of experience utilising various tools and platforms which amplify the organic reach of your posts.

Did you know?


Facebook drives 23% of all traffic across all of the internet


More than 70% of Pinterest’s user base is female


Instagram’s per-follower engagement rate is 58 times higher than Facebook’s and 120 times higher than Twitter’s


Tweets featuring images receive 18% more clicks than those without

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