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What is Technical SEO

Look inside

We often refer to technical SEO as internal SEO. It refers directly to your website and how well it meets recommended best practises. Google has defined a set of guidelines for websites to follow. These guidelines are based on what Google believes its users and by proxy your users want. These guidelines can change from time to time so even a well developed website can fall out of step over time.

  • What is not accessible?
  • What is slowing it down?
  • How can it meet Googles guidelines?
  • Does it build trust in your brand?

What's involved?

An Audit

Currently Googles recommendations revolve around speed, responsive design, and user experience. Our technical SEO service provides an audit for your site much like a surveyor would survey a building to inspect the details of your sites construction.

Auditing your site will tell you many ways in which your site can be improved including:

  • Broken links
  • Poor accessibility
  • Lacking content
  • Image optimisation
  • Scripts slowing your site

Everyone is different

It's important to remember every site is different and the technical faults are only part of the picture, much like a buildings survey may uncover cracks in the walls, ultimately the problem is whats causing the walls to crack. We will use our knowledge of website development to dig deeper and find solutions to the real problems.

Free Seo Audit

Putting it right

Our in house specialists are experienced in all types of website design and can make the necessary fixes for you with no disruption to your sites functioning allowing your business to continue undisturbed.

Extra SEO Services

Why stop at technical SEO, there are many more techniques for improving your sites position

Keyword Research

Find out what questions relating to your service people need answers too

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Link Building

Internal linking and backlinks from external sites can have a positive impact on your rankings. Domain Authority is one of the biggest impacts in your search ranking and high quality backlinks will improve this.

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Content Writing

Performant content is created for a purpose using analytic techniques to analyse what your users and your competition are doing

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Is your site feeling sluggish?

Contact us about a full technical SEO audit and find out why


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