6 Reasons Your Website Needs A Blog

Author: Jake | Created: 10-01-2021

1. It Helps Your SEO & Traffic

A good reason to have a blog that is updated is, it means the website doesn't become static, because lets be honest, how often do you update an "About" or "Contact" page? Very rarely.

Having a blog which is consistently changing will help improve your site's content and allows fresh content added to your site's index.

It is well known that search engines love when a site is constantly updated. They pay attention to what is uploaded, meaning when people do a related search you are more likely to be shown, which means more traffic!

2. Cost

Blog's are budget friendly. It is free, easy to use and doesn't need a huge marketing budget to get your name out there. On top of that you are in control of what is posted and how it is written. You have already paid for the site so why not make full use of it?

It also benfits you on social media. Blogging gives you the ability to link your blog posts onto the likes of Facebook, Twitter etc. Meaning you get more views from followers, leading to shares, likes, and so on.

3. Become an authority

The best small-business blogs can answer potential customers' common questions and discuss industry trends. If potential customers view your blog as one that can provide helpful information about relevant topics, they may be more likely to do business with you than with your competitors. Interesting and unique content can also give you the opportunity to drive traffic to your website through inbound links.

4. Keep Viewers Coming Back

Each new piece of content may give you the opportunity to generate leads, and the way to do that may be by adding a call-to-action to each blog post.

Quality content is perfect to keep viewers coming back to read more. People want to find answers to their questions and if they find something useful or entertaining, the chances are they will share this content with others. Once you get viewers into this routine, they will trust your information and come back for more.

More regular viewers means the potential of more clients.

5. Drive long-term results

So you write a post on your blog, promote it on social media and hopefully get some shares etc. After that initial rush of activity, the traffic driven by that post will slow down, and that’s the end of that, right?

You couldn't be more wrong! That page is now ranked in search engines. Just like the rest of the static pages on your website, this blog may continue to be visited as long as it's on the web. In fact, even posts that may have been posted over a year ago will still get you traffic.

So creating a blog post which may take an hour, can have impact on your site for months and years.

6. Brand Identity

Having a blog can help increase your brand image. It allows viewers to get a feel for how you are as a company, more than any marketing company could do. It can make them feel as if they are having a conversation with you directly, which is more relatable than other marketing techniques.

Once viewers trust your brand, word spreads and you have then hit gold! Trust in the business world beats any review or testimonial.