How to Improve Your Google Rankings

Author: Jake | Created: 02-12-2021

Have you ever wondered about ways your business could improve its Google rankings? There are several possibilities in this regard; however, a surprising number of website owners are not aware of the best strategies to follow in this regard. Fortunately, that’s where our team comes into play – and today, we’ll be looking briefly at how the Google rankings are calculated and the best options to implement for your own SEO campaign.

Improving your website’s Google ranking is so important for long-term success and growth. Indeed, in many cases, organic traffic is the most highly-prized form of traffic there is – and with this in mind, boosting your website’s position in the rankings will help drive new viewers to your site. In turn, this can reduce your website’s marketing budget while driving superior conversions and results overall!

How are Google Rankings Calculated?

How are Google Rankings Calculated?

How are the Google rankings calculated? This point is a tricky question to answer because the answer is: no one (outside of Google, that is) really knows! Indeed, the exact complexities of the Google search engine ranking algorithms are closely guarded secrets. What’s more, Google regularly updates its algorithms, so there’s never time to get too comfortable with a single SEO campaign strategy.

In reality, the best SEO campaigns will be those which follow the algorithm changes and work to provide genuinely valuable content for your viewers. When combined with a few key SEO principles, this approach can help you get the best results for your site’s SEO efforts.

Don’t Disregard Other Search Engines

When we think of search engine rankings, it’s only natural that our thoughts immediately jump to Google. However, while your site’s Google ranking should remain a key goal, it’s always worth considering some of the other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, too. Simply put, these can offer a lower competition space to attract organic traffic.

Starting an Effective SEO Campaign to Improve Your Presence

So, you’re ready to begin your SEO campaign. Getting started with SEO for your website is always an exciting time. However, it’s crucial that you take caution with this process, as the wrong steps may result in your website actually getting penalized by Google and falling in the rankings! Luckily, we’ve summarized a few key SEO campaign tips as follows to help you make the right choices.

  1. Always Use White Hat Strategies for your SEO Campaign One of the most crucial first tips we can give for starting an effective SEO campaign is always to use white hat SEO strategies. Simply put, these are the “honest” SEO strategies. Rather than spamming a particular keyword or hiding keywords in white text on the background of your page, you should ensure keywords are always included naturally within your content. Not only does this provide more value to your reader, but it also keeps your website on the right side of Google’s algorithms. Any black hat “dishonest” SEO efforts will only result in your website getting penalized by Google. Effective, white hat SEO doesn’t need to be difficult. As such, engaging with black hat strategies isn’t even worth the risk.

  2. Focus on the Design A key aspect of SEO that many people overlook is website design. Not only do the Google algorithms directly analyze your website’s design and overall user experience, but they also consider how your website is optimized for mobile and tablet users. As such, getting the design right across all platforms may prove crucial for enhancing your site’s Google ranking overall.

  3. Make Sure Existing Penalties are Fixed Your site’s ability to grow may be limited by its weaknesses. As such, if you are looking for ways to enhance your Google ranking, it’s crucial that you identify (and fix) any existing penalties that might be holding you back. This could include poor past link building choices, low-quality or “keyword stuffed” old content, and the like.

  4. Choose Keywords Carefully – and Position Them Strategically The best SEO campaigns are those which think carefully about the keywords they target. With this in mind, to get the most from your SEO campaign, we highly recommend you start by looking for keywords that have minimal competition. These are the easiest to rank for early on; then, as your site grows and gains more momentum, you can begin looking at the higher competition keywords. Just choosing the right keywords alone isn’t enough, though! You should also focus on how you are positioning keywords to get the best effect. Always try to ensure that your chosen keywords are spread evenly throughout the content, and include keywords naturally in alt tags for images, meta descriptions, titles, and headings. On-page SEO is one of the best ways you can improve your site’s Google rankings. So, this may be well worth considering for your own search engine optimization needs.

  5. Be Patient – Climbing the Google Rankings Takes Time! This final tip might seem redundant, but it’s easy to overlook the importance of patience for your SEO strategies. Indeed, all too often, we want to see results immediately. However, the reality is that SEO just doesn’t work this way – and the best SEO campaigns will hence be those that focus on long-term, continued growth. Be patient. With the right content, you’ll begin to see improvements in your site’s rankings. However, it may still be a while yet until your website earns that lucrative and highly sought-after number one spot in the search engine algorithms!

Final Thoughts

Increasing your reach in the search engine results (with a primary focus on the Google rankings for the majority of website owners) shouldn’t be a major headache. With that being said, many website owners are unaware of the best strategies to implement for their own SEO campaign; in turn, this could lead to poor Google rankings and reduced organic traffic for your site overall. As such, we cannot stress highly enough the importance of boosting your site’s position in the search engine results – and an effective SEO strategy may be one of the most suitable strategies to follow in this regard. Hopefully, our guide today will have given you more insight into the best SEO campaign strategies to improve your Google rankings – and hopefully drive more traffic to your website overall.