Creating engaging Social Media content

Author: Jake | Created: 10-01-2021

Drive the right message across!

3.6 billion people use social media platforms, so it puts you in-front of a huge audience.

Engaging and interesting content can help you stand out from your competitors in a crowded Social Media Market.

Rococo digital have 10 tips that will inspire you to be creative and show you how to offer relevant and useful content to your target audience.

Define your target audience

Who are likely to buy your products or service? Research your audience and find answers to the following questions:

What’s their gender? What’s their age group? What’s their common interest? What’s their profession?

On every social media platform you will find a search option, this will help you find the right target audience.

For example:

Twitter has an advanced search feature.

LinkedIn allows users to search by names, email address and keywords

Facebook has a business manager tool which can assist you to determine the size of your target audience. There is also a unique feature on Facebook that will allow you to carry out thorough market research.

A brands presence on social media allows them to interact with their audience, the right research helps the content posted to be relevant and engaging.

What is your Why?

Think about your objective. What value do you offer? When you post on social media think about what you want to achieve with your social media marketing campaign?

Everyone has a why, do you know yours? The why is the one constant that will guide you toward fulfilment in your work and life, it will help you post engaging content to social media. The why is the purpose, cause or belief that drives everyone of us!

3. Offer original and unique content

You need to offer value when you post content to social media, don’t copy content from other sites and make your content unique to your brand. This will help you stand out from your competitors.

To encourage people’s curiosity about your business your posts should include subjects that can be shared widely on social media sites, such as:

  • Weekly round up’s
  • How to articles
  • News
  • Product demonstrations
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Case studies

Remember to use smart structuring when posting your content, internet users read quickly and will not read a wall of text. Format your content by using numbered lists and bullet points, attractive images and videos.

Headers also work well when you need to highlight key information points. If your content looks attractive your audience are more likely to engage with it and they may even share it with their friends!

4. Take notes

Creative and engaging content needs inspiration! Take your phone or notebook everywhere you go and jot down notes.

Learn to listen to those around you, in coffee shops or the office as you might hear interesting topics being discussed.

TV shows, magazines or books will all have stories to inspire you.

When you are ready to create your content, read through your notes and start creating a strategy to develop your ideas.

**5. Make visuals part of your social media content **

Make use of graphics, such as pictures, charts, graphs and videos to help hook your audience. The use of graphics will help get a message across much easier than just text. Visual graphics focus attention and boost engagement, so even if you only add one image to your content it can elevate your brand and build trust with your target audience.

A study by Okdork and Buzzsumo analysed 100 million articles and found content with an image on Facebook more than tripled the amount of shares the post received.

It is important when using graphics to spend time researching what motivates your target audience, you can then be sure you have grabbed their attention and offered value to your content.

6. Use Hashtags

When it comes to promoting your brand with engaging content on social media, hashtags are fundamental in your success.

This is the click and connect way for bonding with like-minded people. When you post something engaging, research hashtags first or come up with with a unique phrase that advertises your brand

Mastering the use of hashtags gives you a powerful way to connect with your audience. If you do use them in your marketing strategy they only make a difference done in the right way.

7. Trigger emotions

Trigger an emotional response from your target audience on social media, increase the use of words in your content that encourage feelings and strike a cord!

People are emotional, when something resonates with them on social media they are more likely to share it with family and friends.

Include words such as who and what, use them in sentences such as:

Who would you use for your social media campaign?

What are you missing in your marketing?

The word ‘who’ grabs audience attention and makes them read or listen, they want to find out more. This word plays to FOMO fear of missing out.

The word ‘what’ tells us there is a subject being discussed, you are not giving away the secret but showing the audience the answer will be found in your link, article or blog.

Other words such as where, when and why will also trigger emotions, so get creative and use them in your content too.

8. Make use of humour

You can share your brands personality by using humour in your content. Make sure it fits your audience and avoid mistakes such as copying other brands or poorly timed humour.

Use MEMES to help create engaging content, used the right way they make a memorable point on social media.

Create a quiz for engaging and funny content, people love quizzes so combining humour with a quiz will engage with your audience. The results will be liked and shared, you will have made your audience laugh and created more brand awareness.

Humour has universal appeal, it grabs our attention because it is just funny! Use it well and create great social media engagement.

9. Engage in other people’s posts

There are currently 3.6 billion social media users in the world, so take advantage of this and build a network of followers and contacts to enhance your brand.

Interact with your audience by engaging with their content, open doors by building a network of contacts. Be inspired by other people’s posts, you can use ideas from them.

Don’t forget to share and like other posts and starting debates is a good way to interact with others who may not be following you yet!

The information you gather from engaging in this way will help you formulate new ideas, appealing to the followers of your target audience as well. This in turn will generate more likes and shares for you.

10 Campaign for a social cause

When done right brands can make a big difference to the social causes that are important to them.

More than ever people expect brands they support to have a clear stance on how they support the causes and missions they care about.

You can highlight your brands support by creating something for social media, show you are connected to helping society in some way. People like to support good causes and your content will be liked and shared if you are seen to be taking a stand.

If your content shows clearly and truthfully how you support a social cause it is a very compassionate way to show your values and ethics. This in turn will build you an engaged and supportive following.

** Summery**

Remember that everything you do on social media has an affect on people. What you post is important so remember to post engaging content following the tips above.

Your audience will make a decision about your brand right away, whether you have affected them positively or not.

Take a closer look at your marketing strategy on social media, a few tweaks can make all the difference for posting engaging content. You could use a social media marketing company if you get stuck for ideas!

Be original, be creative and have fun!